US Navy Greenlights Next Phase of Gamification Effort

The U.S. Navy Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), “the force behind the fleet,” initiated a new phase in CTI’s development of a gamfication capability for for the AN/SQQ-89 A(V)15 Undersea Warfare Combat System. Commonly referred to as the SQQ-89, the sonar system is widely used on surface ships by acoustic sensor operators (ASOs) throughout the service.

Considered one of the most challenging occupational specialties in the Navy, sonar operators’ skills are deemed to be at risk of deterioration in long periods at sea without tactical employment. SQQ-89 gamification, designed to appeal to sailors’ sense of competition, brings an element of fun to training exercises. This, it is believed, will motivate sailors to polish their skills voluntarily.

The current phase will focus on feature development, including an expert model trained by a novel, machine-learning approach. It will employ a purpose-built, composable virtual ocean environment, and procedurally-produced after-action reviews.

The work will proceed with CTI teams in place at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters and offices in Orlando, Florida.

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