A US Army Future Combat Systems Brigade Combat Team conducts operational maneuver over strategic distances. This film is the second in a four-part CTI series that tells the story of a Future Combat System (FCS) Brigade Combat Team’s (BCT) seventy-two hour transition and transport from counter-insurgency to full-scale combat three thousand miles away. Vanguards begins where Safehouse leaves off: having just come in from a successful cordon-and-knock operation, the FCS Infantry Platoon Leader listens to the Battalion brief on a major contingency operation. The entire FCS BCT will transition and transport three-thousand miles to conduct forced entry operations against a major Asian nation’s early entry forces. The Vanguard battalion will be the first wave to follow the Special Operations Forces airfield seizure. The mission requires new capabilities in situational awareness, speed, precision and mechanized maneuver. FCS systems linked to the Joint team are equal to the task of shocking, surprising and defeating a determined enemy’s will to fight. Shot on location in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii and in Hollywood California, the video was made with the support of the FCS One Team partners, the United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force.

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