Transformational Satcom (TSAT)

Transformational SATCOM (TSAT) provides hardened global networked communications from the Joint Warfighter to US Strategic Command and the National Command Authority. This narrative depiction of the power and versatility of Boeing?s entry into the US Air Force $14.7 billion TSAT program competition was the cornerstone of Boeing?s Space Segment Design Review for program leadership and staff. The movie provided a common, relatable framework for briefing all TSAT capabilities and technical modules over the three-day briefing. Additional CTI-produced technical animations, together with Boeing prototype hardware demonstrations and displays, showed the Air Force customer exactly how the Boeing system would function and perform. The dramatic TSAT story revealed the real-world context and effect this transformational system will have on future battlefields and national security. This video was made with the cooperation of The Boeing Company and was filmed entirely in Los Angeles County.

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