The US Army’s Future Combat Systems in counter-insurgency contingency operations. This film is the first in a four-part CTI series that tells the story of a Future Combat Systems (FCS) Brigade CombatTeam’s (BCT) seventy-two hour transition and transport from counter-insurgency to full-scale combat three thousand miles away. Safehouse focus is on the FCS BCT’s conduct of Counterinsurgency and Stability and Reconstruction Operations in a fictional south-east Asian island nation. We see the breadth of missions and capabilities that FCS provides in a distributed, information centric, culturally sensitive operation. The video’smain character, a female medic, saves a little girl’s life with the help of advanced, networked telemedicine and her own confident, quick-thinking action. Access to the depth of networked sensors and analysis tools enables a Joint team to track, isolate and capture enemy insurgent leaders with precision. But it is the individual outreach of our soldiers, and the female medic’s humanity, that will ultimately win the hearts and minds of the local population. Shot on location on Oahu, Hawaii and in Hollywood California, the video was made with the support of the FCS One Team Partners, the United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force. 

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