Ready To Go

The power of the US Army’s Future Combat Systems embedded, predictive, demand-pull logistics. This film is the fourth in a four-part CTI series that tells the story of a Future Combat System (FCS) Brigade Combat Team’s (BCT) seventy-two hour transition and transport from counter-insurgency to full scale combat three thousand miles away. This video tells the story from a logistics perspective: the ability to deliver materials, personnel and equipment as soon as it is needed on the battlefield. The film focuses on the effect, at the Platoon level, of FCS embedded, predictive, demand-pull logistics and the correspondingly dramatic increase in mission capability and OPTEMPO. The main character is an old school, skeptical NCO who experiences first hand the revolutionary changes FCS brings to logistics from the manufacturer in the United States all the way down to the soldier at the tip of the spear. Shot on location on Oahu, Hawaii and in Hollywood California, the video was made with the support of the FCS One Team partners, the United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force.

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