Assault On Normandy

A US Army’s Future Combat Systems Brigade Combat Team conducts in urban combat operations. Assault on Normandy shows Future Combat Systems (FCS) employment in the close urban fight. Centered on the story of a single Squad and its steady leader, Staff Sergeant Martinez, the film shows how smaller FCS-equipped infantry units are capable of covering larger sectors of urban terrain through the use of unmanned ground and aerial systems, remote sensors and precision networked fires. At one point, as the enemy closes in, SSG Martinez is implored by a young soldier, Sergeant, we?re gonna need more guys?, Martinez reply encapsulates the leap in capability enabled by FCS, No Garret not today! FCS makes what was previously unthinkable, a tactical, operational and strategic reality. Shot on location at the former Mare Island Naval Station outside of San Francisco and in Hollywood California, the video was made with the support of the FCS One Team partners and the United States Army’s Future Force Warrior program. 

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