24th Army Science Conference (Institute for Creative Technologies)

The human dimension behind Army science and technology research and development. This video was used to open the 24th Army Science Conference in Orlando, Florida. The video features key strategic initiatives from the Chief of Staff of the Army and the ways in which Army science is developing technologies and basic research to support those initiatives. Narrated by the Army’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Thomas H. Killion and a broad selection of Army scientists and engineers, the video underscores the human contribution and personal inspiration of the many thousands who work across the Army Lab, Research and Engineering Center and University Affiliated Research Center System to develop basic research and technological innovations for the Joint Warfighter. CTI principals conceived, created and directed this visualization while at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT). The video is comprised of Army combat footage, interviews, lab and test material and schematics. This film was shot with the support of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Logistics and Technology.

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