A US Army Future Combat Systems Brigade Combat Team conducts a deep attack. Objective Tiger tells the story of a Future Combat Systems (FCS) force fighting against a numerically superior, heavily equipped enemy, conducting a mobile defense. Rugged terrain with narrow mountain passes and river obstacles in deep winter conditions create additional challenges for the mixed heavy and FCS equipped US force. The FCS Brigade Combat Team (BCT) leads an enveloping attack deep in the enemy’s rear area, through terrain thought to be un-traversable to US forces. Using multilayered sensors linked to precision fires, the FCS BCT crashes through the enemy defenses until it reaches a critical choke point. At a rickety bridge, concealed Anti-Tank Guided Missile gunners stop the advance until the BCT commander employs his Armed Robotic Vehicle (ARV-A(l) in an innovative and decisive way. Shot entirely on a stage in Hollywood California, the video was made with the support of Boeing and the United States Army’s Future Force Warrior program.

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