Affectionately known as the cube, CTI’s Call for Fire Trainer Augmented Virtuality (CFFT-AV), is a mixed reality implementation that puts a superset of top-ranked Joint Fires and Effects Trainer System (JFETS) Close Air Support module capability into a footprint that fits in a classroom, at a fraction of the cost of the JFETS dome. The cube is packed with real military equipment, not virtual representations, that can be held and operated, including surrogates for M4 Carbine, the Infrared Zoom Laser Illuminator Designator, the M2 Compass, the lensatic compass, M22 binoculars, Viper laser rangefinder, Ground Laser Target Designator II, along with a practical map board and a Toughbook laptop.

The CFFT-AV was developed with the Army’s Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC) and Ft. Sill’s Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE) and installed for service at the Field Artillery (FA) School, FCoE, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in August 2011, less than 11 months from the project start in October 2010. CTI delivered a second simulation system to the STTC in July, 2012.

In 2013, CTI was chosen to migrate the CFFT-AV system to the Unity 3D application environment, replacing the Gamebryo rendering solution common to the original JFETS simulators and the initial CFFT-AV iteration. The migration included a rudimentary 81mm mortar integration to further extend the virtual training capability of the system.

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