MISSING – Serious Games to Overcome Cognitive Bias

Cognitive bias, the near-universal mental shortcuts that can result in deeply flawed decision-making in intelligence analysis and business, is the target of two new “serious game” applications from CTI.  Proven to be highly effective, four years of research has shown a 31% immediate and 23% enduring improvement after one-hour of game play.  The two MISSING games, “The Pursuit of Terry Hughes” and “The Final Secret” are highly engaging adventure-style games that can be played on most late-model PC computers. The MISSING games and related research have been featured in a series of news, trade and peer-reviewed publications, including The AtlanticThe New York Times , the Harvard Business Review Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brian Sciencesthe Digital Games Research Association , the Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference, and Sage – Games and Culture (publication upcoming). The games were developed under the U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Sirius program.  In the first game, cognitive biases including Confirmation Bias, Fundamental Attribution Error, and Bias Blind Spot are addressed.  The second game tackles Anchoring Bias, Representativeness Bias, and Projection Bias.  CTI, on the Leidos team, handled the conceptualization, development, and production of the game applications. Licenses for the MISSING applications are available to both industry and educational end-users.  Please contact missing@cretecinc.com for pricing and availability. 

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