A combat scenario demonstration of the first soldier employment of Future Combat System’s (FCS) technologies. Experiment 1.1 Phase IIIB was the first demonstration of key FCS technologies in a live combat simulation. CTI, working closely with the Government and the FCS One Team Partners designed and executed all aspects of the Phase IIIB Soldier Exercise. These included the tactical scenario, pyrotechnical effects and the on-site VIP viewing. CTI planned, coordinated and selected scenario events from multiple live cameras, Soldiers and sensor views for broadcast both at the local VIP viewing area and for simulcast to FCS program sites across the country. CTI used Hollywood storytelling, techniques and effects to create a compelling, tactically realistic context within which combat-tested soldiers could employ functioning FCS technologies, including Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Unmanned Arial Vehicles, Unattended Sensors and the first use of the tactical FCS network. Simulcast of the 17 individual image streams from embedded cameras, sensors and network feeds was accomplished through the on-site use of a TV network NFL-style production van. Experiment 1.1 Phase III B Soldier exercise took place February 1st 2007 at the Orogrande test and evaluation site at Fort Bliss, Texas and was simulcast to FCS program sites across the United States.

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