Los Angeles, Calif. Creative Technologies, Inc., was selected by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), as part of the SET/Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) team, to produce an experimental training game. The game will be designed to train participants to recognize and mitigate cognitive biases?that commonly affect intelligence analysis. The program will provide a basis for experimental repeatability and independent validation of effects, and identify critical elements of design for effective analytic training in Serious Games. The cognitive biases of interest that will be examined include: (1) Confirmation Bias, (2) Fundamental Attribution Error, (3) Bias Blind Spot, (4) Anchoring Bias, (5) Representativeness Bias, and (6) Projection Bias.

Cognitive bias is a common occurrence in the field of analyses for a number of professions. Overcoming cognitive bias can be challenging, but current research shows that through awareness and training, some of these biases can, in fact, be mitigated. CTI’s expertise as part of the SET/SAIC team, will deliver compelling simulations for training intelligence professionals in overcoming bias.

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